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Electra Eggleston

Electra Eggleston prints are designed and refined in Nashville, Tennessee, beginning with hand painted, drawn or dyed artwork as our original source. Scale, repeat and color are digitally refined as much as possible before sampling fabric closely with our printers. Unlike traditional textile design, our selection of artwork is not textile driven; each step is uniquely experimental from artwork to fabric, and full of uncertainty until the very end. (Sometimes a piece of art may be beautiful on its own, and does not translate well onto fabric. Other times it takes on sublime form as a textile. We love these discoveries.)

Our digitally printed fabrics are produced in Monroe, North Carolina on100% Belgian linen, and in Glarus, Switzerland on 100% Irish linen. We print digitally as much as we can in order to minimize our impact on the environment while preserving the integrity of designs and fabrics, as it uses less ink than traditional printing.

All performance fabrics are hand screen printed in Switzerland in order to maintain optimal UV color fastness.

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Electra Eggleston


My father William Eggleston and I have always shared a love of great textiles and a good story. During a series of trips to Memphis several years ago, I unearthed countless drawings of his spanning decades before and after I was born, an artistic legacy far longer than his career as an iconic photographer. Both preserved and unpreserved, I gathered them all and began almost unconsciously to structure them into repeating patterns.

What eventually emerged from this father-daughter collaboration was a debut series of textile designs and the birth of a print design brand.

Thus began my own evolution as a textile designer and artist, and my father remains a great source of wild inspiration for me. He taught me how to see the world differently through his drawings and it is still our common language today. Thank you Dad for showing me, by example, your unorthodox approach to life, your unconventional artistic process and your mysterious heart. Imbued with his iconic use of color and sensibility, electra eggleston fabrics live joyfully in the world of interior design and fashion. They are timeless, bold and experiential, and it is a dream realized to be sharing them with you.