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CW Stockwell

CW Stockwell is a family-run California business – now in its fourth generation. We’re delighted to have brought this heritage brand into the 21st century, with collections drawn from & inspired by our rich archives of 115 years.

Founded in Los Angeles in 1905 by Clifton W. Stockwell, the namesake brand was heralded throughout the 20th century as one of the country’s premier destinations for bespoke fabrics and wallcoverings. CW Stockwell is also the original creator and sole manufacturer of the iconic Martinique® banana leaf pattern.

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CW Stockwell

“The brand is very much about being accessible and high design at once. There are a lot of people who feel intimidated by design, and they shouldn’t—There’s no exact science. If the pattern makes you happy, it’s the right thing to do!” – Katy Polsby, Owner/CEO