Evars Collective: First Trade-Only Showroom on The Peninsula

Thanks for swinging by! I’m Nancy Evars, CEO + Founder of Evars Collective.

People often ask me “why open Evars Collective?” For me, the answer is very simple. After working as an interior designer for more than 15 years on the Peninsula, it occurred to me how few resources there are for the design community south of San Francisco. After speaking with several colleagues last fall, I knew I wanted to be the one to solve this problem, so I hung up my designer hat, threw on my entrepreneurial boots and got to work.

I set out to create a design center where our industry could easily shop and source, be inspired and connect often while enjoying a glass of champagne (or a cup of coffee) at our showroom bar. I wanted to redefine what a showroom could look like and build a place that becomes an extension of designers’ offices.  I wanted to provide inspiration for new and established designers – not only with our curated offering of furniture, furnishings, fabrics, art, and accessories but also leverage my expertise and passion to help them run their businesses more efficiently.

Here we are…we built the business in six months, opened the showroom doors in March and now I’m thrilled to launch our website and this blog!

So, this is where I get to come to work every day! My team and I meticulously designed this beautiful space with our designer friends and their clients in mind!

If you have followed my design career, you know I am a big fan of color, pattern, texture and layers and blending them all together in a classic yet unexpected way. Over the years I have taken a fair share of “I only want gray” clients and showed them a new colorful way of living in their home! And now I’ve done the same here!

I am so happy to see, in a short period of time, several designers using the showroom as I envisioned…bringing their clients in when they need a little extra reinforcement on the inspiration front. Yes, match the wallpaper to the upholstery! Yes, a patterned chair can sit atop a patterned rug! Jewel tone cabinetry with brass hardware? That’s a YES all day long at Evars Collective!

Over the coming weeks, I’ll share more behind-the-design of our showroom (and what we filled it with!) along with our custom upholstery collection and the textile lines we are so very honored to represent. I can’t wait to share our plans to make our new little design center THE place for designers to gather and grow through our community and business building initiative: The Club at The Collective.

Ambitious? Hell yes!

But I could not be more excited to be leading this charge! I hope you’ll follow along as I use this space to highlight and share all the exciting things we have in store here at Evars Collective and also what inspires me as I continue to build this business.